One year closer to college!

You’re one year closer to college. Make sure to continuously take practice ACT/SAT tests. Remember, colleges and scholarship committees like well-rounded students so stay involved in and outside of school. Join clubs, volunteer, tutor younger students, and most of all, maintain a good gpa.


• Participate in summer enrichment programs

• Enroll in internship

• Read

• We can recommend books

• Practice Math!

• Study for ACT/SAT

• Volunteer


• Start school off with a bang.


• Stay involved
• Volunteer
• Clubs


• Make sure to be studying for the ACT/SAT prep exams

• Schedule one


• Ensure grades are on track. The semester is almost over!


• Finals! Make sure to do well.

• Re-Register for a different course if you thought a class was too easy or hard.


• Start of the semester on the right foot!

• Consider volunteering for MLK.


• Stay active in and outside of school.

• Keep researching colleges and careers.

• Research summer enrichment programs.

• Considering applying for an internship.


• Try another practice exam.

• Volunteer during spring break.

• Line up a college visit.


• Make sure you’re on track for finals!

• Make sure to apply for summer enrichment programs by the deadline.


• Make sure you have a good junior year schedule lined up.

• Junior year is the last year colleges will see when evaluating your college application.


• Participate in summer enrichment programs

       -Universities offer many of them to sophomores going into their junior year

• Enroll in internship

       -Get exposure to the career of your choice

• Read (We can recommend books)

• Practice Math!

• Study for ACT/SAT

• Volunteer