2019 Crystal Apple School Counselor Award

Do you know an Accredited School Counselor in Pima County that has gone above and beyond to help students stay in school or provided exceptional guidance toward college and/or a career?

We want to know about them too!

The Metropolitan Education Commission (MEC) is seeking nominations for the Crystal Apple School Counselor Award to be given to a K-12 Accredited School Counselor who has provided exceptional support and guidance to students. The counselor selected will be recognized at the MEC’s annual Crystal Apple Awards Luncheon on Friday, April 26, 2019 at the Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel, 7350 S. Nogales Highway from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Through the annual Crystal Apple Awards, the MEC brings the community together to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals and organizations within the communities of education, business, government and the general population.
Nominations for the School Counselor Award will be accepted by an individual or group using the nomination form attached and a written and signed statement by the nominator that supports the claim that education and helping youth plan for their future is a top priority for this nominee.

Please review the following instructions and submit your nomination:

1. The nominee must be an Accredited K-12 School Counselor in Pima County who has had a significantly positive effect on the education and guidance of students. For example, an accredited school counselor who has gone above and beyond to: a) help a student stay in school, b) support their well-being, or c) provide exceptional guidance and assistance with planning for a post-secondary education i.e., vocational/technical, community college or university.

2. The nomination may be initiated by any individual or organization such as students, parents, supervisors, coworkers, colleagues or business and community organizations.

3. Please use the nomination form enclosed. Be sure it is dated, and all required information is entered including the Counselor’s accreditation information.

4. Support your nomination with a statement of 300 words or less, double-spaced, on a separate page, which is dated, identifies the nominee, and bears your signature.

5. Only the required nomination form and nominator’s statement will be accepted.

6. Submit one copy of your nomination form and statement via mail, fax or email to the Ed Nossem, Metropolitan Education Commission, 1080 S. 10th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701, Fax: 520-670-1110 or
Email: ed@metedu.org.

7. Nominations must be received at the MEC Office by 5:00 p.m. on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2019.

Information on the Crystal Apple Awards and the School Counselor Nomination can also be found on the MEC website at www.metedu.org/crystal . If you have questions, please contact Ed Nossem, Program Coordinator at 520-670-0055.

It is now past the submission deadline. Nominations are no longer being accepted. Thank you!